Virtual future astronaut conference – 40 preschoolers tackling technology

It was a crisp winter morning in Helsinki, particularly buzzing due to the tens and thousands of attendees who had gathered for Slush 2017. However, right next door to this hustle and bustle the excitement was building up in the pop-up kindergarten set up by Fun Academy for a whole different reason. A group of 20 preschoolers and their teachers, having just been part of an amazing Future Astronaut Training Program were huddled together for the grand finale – to talk in live time with a group of preschoolers 400km away in Kuopio.

The preschoolers or as we call them ‘future astronauts’ from Helsinki were splattered across bean bags and comfy carpets set out for them. While some were full from the amazing space inspired lunch, some were still tucking into the bright blue potato foam or munching on space rocks made of chocolate and berries.

Many couldn’t take their eyes off of the astronaut who had just visited the kindergarten, and had also settled down among the children for the video call. Soon the devices are set up and the cameras are turned on and the future astronauts from both ends see each other for the first time.

This first time collaboration with Kuopio Väläys Science Pilke Kindergarten was also their orientation to the Future Astronaut Training Program. The aim of this virtual meeting was not only to provide Kuopio Väläys an inspirational start to the program, but also to showcase our simple and exciting way of connecting kids and sharing experiences.

This was made possible by our partner in technology Lenovo, who provided the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Mobile Projector and 10” Tab 4 products, which made the full user experience for the children and also for the teachers incredibly seamless. Saara, our VP of Education and future astronaut trainer, was able to show our room of action from different angles, thanks to the mobility and comfort the devices provided. She alternated between showing the children to following the astronaut and even going for a close up of the super cool space inspired lunch served.

Before long a little girl from the Helsinki end stepped up to take control navigating the tablet and engaging in an animated conversation with her new friends from the other side. It was clear that after a few minutes everyone in Kuopio and Helsinki, big and small, had got on-board this learning adventure and was curious to explore even more.

The goal of Fun Academy is so simple it’s outrageous. We want to make learning fun for kids everywhere in the world. We want to empower teachers across the planet to enable every child to achieve the highest potential. So as our dedicated team of pedagogical and entertainment experts develop the best fun learning environments, teaching tools and gamified learning tools, we collaborate with technology providers such as Lenovo to help us take the next step of sharing our knowledge with the rest of the world. Fun Academy aims to enable children all over the world to explore and learn, connect and share, and together build a new tomorrow through education technology.

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