Tuka’s wish on International Women’s Day – bring equality and safety to every little girl on the planet!

Tuka is from a far far away kooky galaxy, where it’s normal to be purple and some planets have super powerful gravity. She rules in sports and never backs away from an adventure. She loves to win so sometimes competition gets the best of her but she always tries to stand up for others. Most of all Tuka is really brave and strong, like a ‘Superwoman’ when on Earth. In her home planet, Tuka is a favourite among everyone and a born leader. But when she came to Earth on her first mission she noticed a few things were topsy turvy in this part of the universe.

First she found out that Earth has a ‘Superman’ who also came from another planet, which apparently exploded! One day Tuka offered to lead an after school club practicing a combat sport she had picked up called ‘Kungfu’, which pandas supposedly ace. At first some of the little-earthlings thought she might not be good at it because she’s a girl. Being the action craving, sporty trooper that she is, Tuka rocked the after school club that day. This is when Tuka first realized that on Earth sometimes people treat her differently because she’s a girl.

So Tuka decided to go online, watch TV and movies, and read a couple of books to find an answer to her question. She first dived into the past and found some truly amazing women such as Marie Curie, Valentina Tereshkova and Helen Keller who were brave, intelligent, kind and changed the course of history.

Then she looked into the present and was blown away by fantastic women such as Mae C. Jemison, J.K. Rowling, Malala Yousafzai and millions more who were taking Earth by storm. Everywhere Tuka looked she saw women and girls in every field from Science to Sports, and all corners of the earth setting trends and making outstanding contributions to make life better for all. “Clearly girl-earthlings are equally good at doing everything as the boy-earthlings, so why do some people think they are not equal?”, Tuka wondered.

She wracked her brain until she finally figured it out. Sometimes, even when a female did something incredible, she didn’t get any credit for it. That’s why there weren’t more female role models to look up to. Often girls had to work extra hard to reach their dreams and make others believe in them, because after all it’s pretty hard to be what you can’t see. Tuka saw that across the earth sometimes girls don’t get the same chances to explore, create, learn and share as boys do.

So Tuka did about a dozen flips when she learned about International Women’s Day. That’s when we celebrate all the amazing women in the world (and the galaxy) and learn about what things we can do to make sure every girl and every woman has an equal voice. This year’s theme is “Time is Now” which is all about making sure that every female is safe no matter where she lives, where she comes from or who she is. That’s because every girl deserves the chance to be whoever she wants to be. Tuka knows that it doesn’t matter what galaxy you come from–freedom is a right everyone deserves–and if we all work together, it will happen.


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