Teachers in Brazil Embracing our Finnish Fun Learning Philosophy

Again I’m so excited to share the news, this time about Fun Academy partnering with the SEB Group in Brazil. You can find the official announcement behind this link!

We are already working together and enjoying the Fun Learning opportunities that occur when we have the Finnish Fun Academy Trainers working side by side with the Brazilian teachers of the Escola Concept in Ribeirão Preto and Salvador.

The teachers in training have now been discussing and experiencing trust in the classroom and observation as a tool – learning how to redesign their classroom environment and how to use technology as a support for their pedagogy.

What makes me truly happy are the comments and praise we have received from local teachers.

“The Fun Academy Trainers listen and hear the teachers. I mean that your trainers see the teachers individually and get them to trust you and wanting to share openly. You treat the teachers the way we want our students to be treated and heard. I am amazed by this Fun Learning training!”  – Monica De Azevedo Nogueira, Director of the Escola Concept in Ribeirão Preto.

“We all feel energised! The delivery, Fun Learning in action, has been unexpected. I think we are all surprised by how much we gain that we can immediately implement into our work! We receive concrete tools and we really get to feel what it feels like when learning is fun!” – Nadja Nada Andrade, Director of the Escola Concept in Salvador.

One cannot but smile.

Training sessions are tiring but rewarding

We are working on the Fun Learning mindset and philosophy in connection with actual learning activities. When we bring teachers together to work under such a natural theme, with a holistic approach and with concrete classroom examples, we always end up with new ideas, shared experiences and an inspired mind that is hungry for more.

The training sessions are tiring in a way that feels good – you feel engaged, energised and drained at the same time – and teachers want to continue sharing and learning with each other.

Our Master Trainer Saara Viteli shared her excitement with me: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience what must be the famous Brazilian flavor – witnessing a passion for bonding and an openness to connect in such a short time! We have been able to enter directly into a deep level of reflection and pedagogical open discussion due to the Brazilian and SEB culture where people are naturally comfortable working together at peer level. I have learned so much myself today!”

We understand that Finnish teachers are respected as professionals and they indeed have a lot they can offer and share. But it is clear to us that we are not even trying to implement the Finnish model in Brazil but rather use our learnings and experiences as a soundboard to reflect upon when co-creating the local model of the future education.

The Fun Learning approach is based on our principles that help remind us about appreciation and respect of the different learning strategies, personalities and cultures. We also discuss how to implement the development of 21st century skills into the everyday life in support of the local curricular objectives.

This is a good start and the learning continues with the next steps in our cooperation. I feel that Fun Learning is in the hands of very competent and passionate teachers in Brazil – we are honoured to work and learn together with SEB in creating a better future in and through education.

Sanna Lukander, CEO, Fun Academy

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