Make 2017 Your Fun Learning Year at Work

Are you inspired and willing to learn?

Obtaining your desired degree and getting that dream job doesn’t set you up for life. Will that job even exist in ten years? Judging by the last decade, we don’t have a clue.

The answer is to continue learning. And luckily, learning IS fun!

Children are born with curious minds, learning naturally through play and exploration. As we grow older, we tend to forget these highly effective learning methods and start seeing learning as something boring and overly laborious.

The Fun Learning philosophy is just as relevant in the workplace as it is in any preschool.

Learning is Fun when:

  • You LOVE what you do

When we’re inspired or passionate about something, learning feels fun, rewarding and easy to go the extra mile to learn more.

  • You can CHOOSE how you learn

Learning strategies are subjective and based on our individual strengths. Understanding this, we can choose the most efficient way to tackle a problem and learn something new.

  • You feel SAFE

A supportive and safe environment is essential for us to feel free to explore and set new goals.

  • When it becomes a HEALTHY ADDICTION

We should be engaged in lifelong learning. Achieving this is possible when we feel fulfilled, capable and competent to learn more.

  • You are APPRECIATED for who you are

Positive learning grows from an atmosphere of respect and appreciation among fellow learners. The more diverse our peers, the deeper our understanding of what we’ve learned with respect to our global community.

  • Your environment is INSPIRING

Learning environments should spark inspiration and support different learning strategies. Our physical and digital environments must be designed to support all learners.

  • It’s FUN to fail

To foster creativity and innovation, we allow for safe failures and an atmosphere where it is safe to make mistakes.

* * *

Every New Year, we adults tend to stop and reflect on our lives and our future goals. We make resolutions to start new hobbies or pay more attention to a healthier lifestyle.

Could we also channel some of this energy into learning something truly inspiring in our work life?

Choose one of the Fun Learning principles and think about how that could correlate with your current or future job.

Wishing you a terrific 2017 filled with Fun Learning opportunities!

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