The Kipinoi Squad – how we painted our dream of providing lifelong fun learning for all

What happens when a group of pedagogical and entertainment experts, join hands with ingenious illustrators and tech heads? The evolution of most brilliant learning concepts into creative solutions, in other words, the Kipinoi Squad. It is based around the lives of four quirky aliens, Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca, who have come together from different parts of the universe to launch their very first mission as a team. They have been left a puzzle to solve by Shadark, an affable villain who is best described as ‘misguided’. So having recently moved to Kipinoi, an unexplored planet from an outlandish kooky galaxy far far away from our own, these four lovable characters have embarked a lifelong learning journey, and wants us all to come along.

The curious minds at Fun Academy first launched a mission to find a way to promote lifelong learning among children through a unique and engaging way, a couple of years ago. They were not looking to simply ‘teach kids’ but rather inspire and excite children to explore and discover, to experiment and create,and to learn and share. Having realized the learning styles, personalities, interests and backgrounds were different from one child to another, the troopers at Fun Academy were determined to develop something which enabled personalized learning at one’s own pace. They also wanted to break free from the traditional subjects taught in classrooms and harness life skills, global competence and the joy of learning among children. This is when our out of this world illustrator was struck by a stroke of creative genius, which lead to the birth of the Kipinoi Squad.

Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca are as peculiar and different on the inside as they are on the outside with their vibrant skin tones and one too many or too less limbs and eyes. They come from different planets, have rather unique personality traits and ways of learning. They also have different strengths and weaknesses, as well as things they want to achieve. However, the Kipinoi squad embrace diversity and live on curiosity, and always help each other to reach their goals. Most importantly they never teach but want to help us learn through their example of exploring, making mistakes and having fun through it all. While their need to save the universe from a hero-like point of view dominates half the journey, the other half is spent rather ordinarily focusing on the values of teaching.

The most wonderful thing about the Kipinoi Squad is while they look and act like bizzare little beings from clearly somewhere far from earth, they also feel like our oldest childhood friends. They want the same things we need, make the same mistakes we do and also share the same fears and dreams as most of us. Their fun filled, lighthearted journeys are fascinating that we cannot wait to join them and see where the expedition will lead us all. The Kipinoi Squad strikes a unique balance between inventiveness and familiarity, feeding curiosity while remaining remarkably relatable to children and adults around the world.

To find out more about the Kipinoi Squad visit and stay tuned for more details about Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca.

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