We all enjoy a good game of Trivia. There’s something unjustifiably satisfying about gathering information on random things and showing off this knowledge. But what if we could learn key subjects and important Life Skills this way? We combined a book on Fun Animal Facts with modern technology to create an immersive learning experience. Find out how we are taking Trivia to the next level through the Fun Learning approach!

Fun Academy Animals’ Scale

Animals’ Scale is a charming, read-out-loud storybook app. Children discover fun facts about different animals in this immersive learning experience. As a great bonus, it builds children’s understanding of scale and measurement. The app also provides fun examples to try in the real world, like; how juice cartons tall are you?”

Saara Viteli

Kindergarten Teacher and Global Master Trainer for Fun Learning

The App is based on a book created by the award-winning author and illustrator Carlos da Cruz. Carlos is an experienced contributor of children’s books and textbooks for the Finnish education system.

Why choose fun facts about animals?

We all love animals from pets to safari animals. They constantly amuse us by the way they look and the things they do. Using fun facts about animals is a great way to grab kids’ attention and keep them interested. More importantly, it is also a brilliant theme under which many other topics can be discussed. Fun facts about animals aligns perfectly with PBL or Phenomenon Based Learning, a strategy revolutionizing modern day education.

Animals’ Scale lets kids explore and watch fun animations of their favorite animals, and develop their knowledge and skills while at it. Here are the key pedagogical areas supported by this app dishing out fun facts about animals.

Explore scale

“Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, is considered to be the largest living creature on Earth, measuring an impressive 37 meters long, which is almost as long as an airliner.”

The only thing most kids may recognize when they hear the words Lion’s Mane Jellyfish might be ‘jelly’! But most of them do know what an airliner look like. This way they begin to understand size, measurement and comparison. As an added bonus they learn about a whole new animal that lives in the sea with a really cool name.

Improve listening and comprehension

Instead of simply reading facts, kids get to engage with the information in an interactive way through the app. They can listen, read-aloud, see and interact all at the same time. By stimulating multiple senses at once Animals’ Scales provides a truly immersive learning experience. It connects oral to graphical information in English, in an optimal way.

Expand English vocabulary

Mane, trunk and tail are some of the many words you will encounter when going through fun facts about animals. It expands vocabulary in a unique way. Children will begin to notice how an elephant’s nose is called a ‘trunk’ and lion’s hair is called ‘mane’. Just like that an otherwise tedious lesson on animals’ anatomies is transformed to a fun learning activity.

Get started with biology

“A squirrel’s tail is almost as long as its body.”

While great big wild animals draw lots of attention, there are many little ones in our backyards that we barely notice. Animals’ Scale gives fun animal facts about squirrels and other furry friends we see everyday. In return, this encourages kids to take a closer look at the environment around them and explore biodiversity in Nature.

Collect scientific facts

To make sense of the world it’s important for all of us to starting thinking like a scientist. We must have a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore the unknown. Question everything we know and investigate why things are the way they are. Fun animal facts enable children to uncover hidden stories and collect scientific facts about creatures we share our planet with.

Combine online and offline tools

“A newborn Lion cub is only 20 cm long, which is approximately the same size of 4 matchboxes in a row.”

Learning about animals through an interactive app can be a great immersive learning experience. However, it can also feel a little far away from reality. But what if you compare these animals with things like matchboxes, oranges or even yourself? On one hand this makes the whole learning process more relatable and applicable. On the other hand kids are combining online and offline tools to make their own comparisons. Animals’ Scale is not simply an exciting way to learn what is being presented. It prompts children to step up from being passive consumers, and create new ways in which they can learn and develop skills in everyday life.

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