This is a story about a Fun Learning adventure four quirky aliens went on, right here on Earth. Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca are best friends and lifelong learning buddies. Together they make up the Fun Learning team and spend their days exploring, learning, creating and sharing. They have out of this world experience, and look nothing like anyone or anything from our planet. However, they face the same challenges that we all do in everyday life. Hop on board to find out what mystery the Fun Learning team is going to solve today!

Mysterious sound

It is Tuesday, the second day of yet another awesome week in school. The Fun Learning team is having a sleepover at Soca’s house. They are all feeling very sleepy after playing outdoors in the summer sun, and eating a delicious dinner of carrot pancakes. So they brush their teeth, put on their pyjamas, get into bed and wish each other ‘good night’. Just as they are drifting off to the land of sleep with the sweetest dreams… ‘BANG!

There’s a sound coming from under the bed! Suddenly, Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca are wide awake. What will the Fun Learning team do next?

Cool and calm Waaba

Naturally everyone is panicking. They have heard about monsters living under beds but have never met one before. However, thanks to her peaceful and composed nature, Waaba is the first one to step in.

“Don’t worry”, she said. “I’m sure there’s a simple explanation to what that noise is. Let’s stay calm and try to figure this out together. Listen carefully and see if you recognize what this sound is”.

Smart and calculated Maco

Thanks to Waaba, everyone felt a little less afraid and a lot more calm. Maco looked around the room carefully and made some quick observations.

“All the windows in the room are closed. Also there isn’t much space under the bed. So whoever is under there, must be someone who lives in this house and is really small in size.”

Brave and daring Tuka

This piece of information was enough to give Tuka, who was already feeling rather impatient, the final boost to start exploring.

“That settles it”, she said. “I’m going under the bed to find out who’s making all this noise. If this mystery noise maker is really small I have nothing to worry about. The only way we can solve this puzzle is if we explore under the bed!”

Careful and cautious Soca

“Hold on a second”, whispered Soca really quietly. “It’s always good to be careful and prepared. Waaba and I can shine this flashlight under the bed from far. Tuka can use my floorball stick to gently coax the mystery noise maker to come out. Maco can hold the bedroom door open so we can all run out if we need to. What do you think?”

The great revelation

Everyone thought this was a brilliant plan. So the Fun learning team quickly took their positions. The moment the flashlight lit up the space under the bed, Tuka used the floorball stick to slowly prod around.


Out came running Mr. Whiskers, Soca’s infamous ginger cat. He dashed out of the room through the door Maco was holding open.

The Fun Learning team looked at each other and burst out laughing. There was no monster under the bed after all. Only silly Mr. Whiskers looking for mice in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As Tuka, Waaba, Maco and Soca finally drifted off to sleep, they were each thinking the same thing.  It is wonderful to have friends with different strengths and talents. By staying curious, thinking creatively and working together, they can solve any mystery that comes their way.

Every child on the planet has a unique way in which they learn, grow and develop. Moreover, there are many paths we can take to find solutions to problems or answers to questions we encounter. What is key is to celebrate and harness this individuality, and discover our own paths to become the best versions of ourselves. 

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