Fun Learning Breakthrough for Kindergartens in Dubai

I am personally thrilled that we are able to announce our collaboration with Dubai-based Equilibrium Management Consultants. We will bring the Fun Academy Kindergarten early years education program to the region – with the first Fun Academy Kindergarten practicing the Fun Learning philosophy opening in Dubai in 2017.

Fun Academy and Equilibrium signed the agreement in the Finnish Embassy in Abu Dhabi – witnessed by Education Minister Sanni Grahn-Laasonen and Ambassador Riitta Swahn (photo).

Not only in Dubai but in every corner of the world education is understood to be one of the key components in designing a brighter future for individuals, communities and nations.

During this year I have had the great opportunity to learn more about education in many countries. What has lifted everyone’s spirits up has been our Fun Learning philosophy we have been sharing with several teachers and edu sector professionals in Switzerland, Spain, China, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, USA, UAE and KSA.

It´s no secret that there are obvious similarities in where education is going and challenges that we all seem to be facing. We have the same concerns and focus areas. These are not just mentioned in ceremonial speech but they are also very much reality at any school level:

  • the overall wellbeing of students
  • the importance of respect and support for teachers
  • education is facing a new paradigm shift both locally and globally
  • teachers need professional development opportunities
  • high quality education is not evenly distributed
  • student engagement in connection with lifelong learning
  • digitalisation can and should support pedagogy

In Dubai we will tackle some of the above listed concerns with real-life solutions together with teachers who are masters in the Fun Learning approach. It will be awesome to show how inspiring learning can be. I am truly honoured to come from Finland and speak for our educational values, high standards and world-class teachers who take their jobs seriously by making learning fun.

Sanna Lukander, CEO, Fun Academy

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