The Fun Academy Kindergarten global network is expanding to partner with Countryside Children’s Academy (CCA). They are a top-rated childcare centre in Virginia, U.S.

This partnership enables children enrolled at CCA to embrace the innovative Fun Learning approach. It is an early childhood education initiative rooted in the world-renowned Finnish educational system. Furthermore, it also draws on and combines the strength of an international network of teaching professionals.

“I’m driven to continually improve the level of service I provide to children. I looked at the most successful educational systems around the world. That’s when I discovered the breakthrough innovations made by Finnish Fun Learning,” says Meenoo Labana, director of CCA.

Fun Learning Approach

Fun Learning is a child-centric approach that guides children to innovative and develop scientific thinking. It encourages the fundamental element of the natural development process: a child learns through exploration, fun and play. The Fun Academy Kindergarten implements Fun Learning. This gives children a hunger to explore and learn in a safe, playful and encouraging environment.

“Learning how to learn, think inventively and participate actively at an early age is important. It develops life skills necessary to evolve as creative and responsible citizens and leaders,” CCA’s Labana emphasizes.

Most importantly, Fun Learning promotes the overall well-being of the child. This partnership gives children enrolled in CCA access to the most up-to-date learning methodologies. They will have the opportunity to grow up in a safe and inspiring environment. Moreover, they will receive support to become socially adept, creative and scientific thinkers prepared for a world of lifelong learning.

Fun Academy Kindergarten Global Network

CCA joins the rapidly growing international network of classrooms implementing Fun Academy’s Fun Learning approach. Preschoolers in Virginia will collaborate on their first common science project with children from Finland and Hong Kong. It will kick off during the spring term of 2017.

“I’m delighted that our initiative is becoming truly global,” says CEO of Fun Academy, Sanna Lukander. “This again proves our Fun Learning philosophy adapts naturally to local curricula and cultural settings. Our diverse network shares best teaching practices, and teachers benefit with peer support from colleagues in different countries and cultures.”

This Thursday, Countryside Children’s Academy and Fun Academy take part in a Centennial Education event at the Embassy of Finland in Washington, D.C. Fun Academy will present the Fun Learning approach, and the benefits of global collaboration and learning together.

Fun Academy Kindergarten focuses on the continuous professional development of educators. It answers their needs with on-going access to training sessions, principle guidelines, practical examples and peer collaboration. The Fun Academy and CCA partnership is proceeding at full steam with the training of teaching staff and management starting next week.

Fun Academy

Learning can be Fun!

Fun Academy is a Finnish early education company with a global mindset. Professional development of teachers is a core focus for the company. Moreover, the company is founded on the Fun Learning approach. It’s aim is to support children to become lifelong learners by identifying their learning strengths, areas of interests and passions. Rovio Entertainment, the University of Helsinki and Polkuni Ltd are among the shareholders of Fun Academy.

Countryside Children’s Academy

Founded in 1993, Countryside Children’s Academy is the premier independent child care centre in Sterling, VA. Our aim is simple: to provide an outstanding educational experience for all the children in our care. We do that by leveraging a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) environment for your child that is both fun and stimulating. We understand that every child is an individual with great potential. Which is why our teachers tailor their STEAM curriculum to ensure each class is working at a level that encourages optimal learning and development.

Find out more about our Fun Learning approach and the brilliant partners who are collaborating with us.

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

We'll be in touch so you can talk to an expeienced Fun Academy representative.

Thank you for your interest. One of our representatives will be in touch

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