Fun Academy in Chinese Joint Venture

The Finnish company Fun Academy is strengthening its operations in China, during the visit of Finnish Minister of Education Sanni Grahn-Laasonen.

Fun Academy’s Co-Founder and CEO, Sanna Lukander and Co-Founder Peter Vesterbacka are participating in the Ministers delegation program in Beijing, whose purpose is to reinforce the educational and commercial ties between China and Finland.

Fun Academy is establishing its China operations through a Joint Venture company, allowing a broader offering of their Fun Learning approach, based on the best practices of the Early Education System of Finland. Fun Academy will expand its innovative early years education concept for kindergartens in the region and explore the most advanced teaching methods with local experts.

“We believe that our own kids should learn and benefit from a combination of the best local and international practices in education, like the breakthrough innovations made by Finnish Fun Learning” says Jiang Wang from Fun Academy China. “What most Chinese parents want, including ourselves, is our kids to acquire life skills that will help them to evolve as creative and responsible citizens and leaders”

Fun Academy aims to bring the best practices of the Fun Learning approach through focusing on the importance of continuous professional development and collaboration among educational professionals.

“We are so excited about the diversity and depth of the Chinese culture and the positive attitude towards developing new educational solutions,” says Fun Academy CEO, Sanna Lukander. “We are here to learn, to share and to co-create the future of education together with our local partners. We are also looking forward to sharing the wonders of Chinese culture and language with our network of kindergartens globally.”

The Fun Learning approach combines Finnish expertise in education and the meaningful use of technology, facilitating exploration of life skills in action.

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