Finnish teachers join hands with local experts to co-implement the Fun Learning approach.

Fun Academy China opens two new kindergartens in Beijing in September 2018. Furthermore, four more locations in China plan to open doors throughout 2019. These early education centers will implement the Fun Learning philosophy holistically. Furthermore, everything from the design of the learning environments to planning the kindergarten curriculum reflect this approach. Moreover, Finnish educators will put Fun Learning into practice under their leadership within these kindergartens.

As Finnish early education has been recognized as the world number one, it has drawn an unbelievably increasing attention in China.

Ting Wu

Marketing Manager, Fun Academy China

Beijing kindergarten cinema interior
Peter Vesterbacka and Jiang announce Beijing kindergarten

A press conference held at the Fun Academy Launching in China officially announced the opening. The event took place at the ‘Early Years Education Beijing Forum 2018 – China Education and International Experience’.

Fun Academy China

  • The kindergartens will have a combined capacity of up to 380 children.
  • These initial learning centers in Beijing are located at the East second ring road of Beijing and Chaoyang District at Huangqu Road, respectively.
  • The bigger kindergarten has indoor space of more than 3360 square meters. Furthermore, it has over 1000 square meters of outdoor space and its own movie theater.
  • Finnish designs inspire the facilities, which are designed to be simple and functional learning spaces.

“Both in China and in Finland education is highly regarded and children show excellent academic performance. However comparatively, Finnish children spend longer time on sports and fun activities than doing homework. Finnish education system not only fosters high academic achievement in children but also happy children. That is what I would like to bring to Chinese education and Chinese children as well.” 

Peter Vesterbacka

Co-Founder, Fun Academy

Fun Academy China appointed six Finnish kindergarten teachers to support the implementation of the Fun Learning approach. They will attend intensive Fun Learning educator training at Fun Academy’s HQ in Finland in June, before relocation to China. Furthermore, Rose Chen the Fun Academy China pedagogical team-lead will also take part in the training. We expect a larger number of Finnish teachers to join them next year, as new Fun Academy China kindergartens open.

More information on the Fun Learning Educator Training will be available soon on the Fun Academy blog and social media channels.

“I am so excited to see how warmly Fun Learning is welcomed here among the Chinese parents and teachers. We look forward to co-creating effective and Fun Learning experiences with the Fun Academy China team.” 

Sanna Lukander

CEO, Fun Academy

About Fun Academy

Fun Academy is an early education company that provides innovative pedagogical solutions. These solutions are based on the Fun Learning approach. The Fun Learning approach is uniquely designed to nurture the passion for learning in young children through play and exploration. We are present in eight countries, and look forward to extending the joy of Fun Learning to the world.

Fun Academy China is a joint venture with Fun Academy Finland. It allows a broader offering of the Fun Learning approach, based on the best practices of Finnish education. Fun Academy will co-create the future of education in China, with local experts in the region. Together, we aim to explore the most advanced teaching methods to promote lifelong learning among preschoolers.

Find out more about our Fun Learning approach and the brilliant partners who are collaborating with us.

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

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