Fun academy – bringing fun learning to Spain

Fun Academy is truly excited to bring the fun learning approach to Spain together with Liceo Europeo in Madrid. We were delighted to initiate the process of teacher training, facilitate new didactic resources for the classrooms and create learning environments which encourage students to develop through play and exploration.

“Fun Learning at Liceo Europeo in Madrid is a truly fun sharing experience with educators who have the overall wellbeing of their students at heart! We all want our kids to learn life skills, grow to their full potential and live a happy childhood.” says Sanna Lukander CEO Fun Academy.

Liceo Europeo’s student centred and holistic approach to education enabled Fun Academy to establish a strong partnership sharing our passion for evolving the future of early education. The institution’s education principles aims to integrate core values, technologies, play and overall wellbeing of students together with a variety based curriculum preparing students for the dynamic future ahead while enabling them to enjoy their childhood period.


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