In support of #stayhome #covid19 we at Fun Academy are happy to share our Future Astronauts Program with educators, families and recreational communities alike. Daily MIND & BODY activities and weekly MISSION and TEAM activities will bring 12 weeks of Fun Learning for kids, your family or even the entire community!

One program fits all?

The 12-week program has been used by early years educators and school teachers globally. We have received wonderful feedback from homeschooling parents and communities bonding over the program. We have had after-school programs featuring us in their social media, choosing to focus a half semester on Future Astronauts, every semester! 


In our home country, Finland, teachers have used the program in English as a second language class having students navigate the content and complete tasks on their own, using and building their operational foreign (English) language skills. 


The Future Astronauts program has also been embraced by special education resource teachers in upper secondary (middle) school integrating study skills (learning-to-learn), 21st century skills (life skills as we call them) and career studies. We receive feedback on how the program is a great tool for creating discussion, reflection, self-evaluation and motivational discovery for many students. With open hearts we encourage you to find your Future Astronaut track, our program is a great launchpad for that Journey!

The 12-week duration helps you create a future-proof routine:

– A daily MIND activity: learn to find focus and empathy.

– A daily BODY activity: learn to connect whole-body movement to wellbeing.

– A weekly MISSION task: learn to connect real-life problem solving to STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) curricula activities

– A weekly TEAM task: learn versatile ways of communication and practise different team roles.


The Future Astronauts Program

Fun Academy has developed the Future Astronauts Program. It’s a 12-week program based on the Fun Learning approach, it’s an adaptation of the real core training elements of astronauts. Each week carries four outcome-oriented Fun Learning lessons, designed originally to be conducted during activity periods within the school day. It empowers teachers to promote scientific thinking, mindfulness, physical activity and teamwork in their classroom. These lessons and their activities guide the children to develop core skill objectives. Moreover, they also improve motor skills, communication, collaboration, self-awareness and much more!


Most kids, as well as many adults dream about becoming an astronaut and traveling in space. The Future Astronaut Program helps little kids learn big subjects and develop life skills. Children everywhere now have the opportunity to train like future astronauts right here on Earth. Communication examples from the International Space Station to Earth are far less distant to the #stayhome #socialdistancing kids of today. New ways of connecting and working as a  team are very current, whether we work or study remotely, if we are a family team or a virtually connected class of students, we all are Future Astronauts!

The New Normal

The current global health crisis brought on by covid-19 has shown us all in a short time that there is truly remarkable power in humankind changing mass behaviour. We see clear skies, we appreciate the natural wildlife and we join in unison to clap our hands to show our gratitude to those in the ‘front-lines’. We witness our education systems leap over centuries to fully tackle the digital era. 


We reconnect with family. We get a closeup view into eachothers day: Children get a glimpse of what it means for their parents to ‘have to work’, and many parents see that school is recognisable yet vastly advanced from their own days behind the desk. We pay attention. We have had to stop. Pause. Reconsider priorities. And recreate ways of working out, staying connected and working together. 


The Future Astronauts Program is a journey that will give you common grounds to experiment and reflect on this strange new normal, already affecting so many of us this very minute.


“Today, perhaps better than ever before, we know that the way we used to work, study and live our everyday life before is not sustainable. Suddenly life has made us slow down asking us to take care of our mind and body. Society needs us to work together as a team on a common mission. The name of the Future Astronauts Program may need reconsideration, maybe more suitable would be Essential Life Skills 2.0”, Fun Academy Master Trainer –  Fun Academy Master Trainer


Learn more and get full access to the 12-week Future Astronaut Program at FunLearning.com

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

We'll be in touch so you can talk to an expeienced Fun Academy representative.

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