The Fun Learning approach is a holistic pedagogical strategy to make learning gratifying, engaging and effective. At Fun Academy we develop learning solutions based on this approach to give children everywhere the best start in life. But this raises the question ‘why do we need Fun Learning in the first place’? We identified 4 critical problems that education is facing today, and how Fun Learning can help tackle them.

1. Learning is boring

The stereotype associated particularly with the traditional notion of learning is that it’s a boring and difficult chore. Most of us learn because we’re required to do so by an authoritative figure such as a parent, a teacher or an employer. Even though we are all born naturally curious, with time our inherent desire to learn often becomes mechanical.

Solution – Make learning FUN

The Fun Learning approach trusts learning itself to be a fun process. It combines unique learning strategies, inspiring resources and innovative tools. In doing so it makes learning an exhilarating, motivating and transformative experience. Thus, Fun Learning helps learners to discover the joy of learning.

2. Memorizing information is redundant

Many educational systems focus on cramming learners with as much information or data as possible on various topics. However, in today’s dynamic environment information can soon become outdated and irrelevant. Moreover, information can easily be looked up or searched for using the Internet. Thus, solely accumulating data or memorizing information is redundant.

Solution – Lifelong learning

Fun Learning promotes lifelong learning as a lifestyle. It resonates the idea that we learn everyday throughout our lives from the day we are born. More important than acquiring knowledge about just one specific area, is to develop learning strategies that serve throughout one’s life. In return this will also make learning new skills or about new topics a satisfying experience. Naturally, learning is more effective if the mindset toward the hard work required is a positive one. Therefore, the Fun Learning approach supports individuals to continuously update their knowledge and skills, keep up with changing trends, and discover new ways to grow and develop.

3. Skills gap and skills inequality

Currently there is a gap between what education is teaching and the practical knowledge demanded in the real world. Most top learners carry extensive knowledge and qualifications. However, they often lack the capacity to transfer and apply this knowledge to solve everyday problems. Moreover, this skills gap is higher for individuals in certain parts of the world. There is a wide inequality in the levels of skills observed across the planet.

Solution – Learning to learn

The Fun Learning approach helps us to learn how to learn. Which means it first creates self-awareness of own strengths, interests and learning style. Then the approach supports learners to be resourceful, acquire information on any subject and manage it. Thus, it enables them to draw on past learning and life experiences, and apply the knowledge and skills in different contexts. Moreover, the inclusive value of the approach promotes the right of every child to access high quality learning opportunities.

4. Skills uncertainty

We live in a world where the future is highly ambiguous. It is impossible to predict the type of jobs there will be in several decades. Moreover, it is equally difficult to forecast the challenges next generation will face and the skills necessary to tackle them successfully. However, education and educators are still tasked with empowering learners to face a future unknown to all.

Solution – Explore and develop Life Skills

Most importantly, the Fun Learning approach explores and develops Life Skills. It focuses on 14 key competencies which promotes adaptive and positive behaviour. In return, this supports learners to face challenges and uncertainties of life effectively. It drives them to be active and productive members of their societies.

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Bring Fun Learning into the classroom.

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